Walgreens Trip 9/27


I went to post the picture I took of my Walgreens trip and my entire memory card is wiped clean. I had pictures of my trip to Washington with family on it and everything. I’m so sick.

Anyway, I got $99 worth of stuff for $26.16 oop and I have $30 in RR’s left, so after RR’s I made some money but I did the deals in Washington and for whatever reason my plan didn’t go quite right. I should have had a lot less oop and less RR’s.

I got:

  • 2 Herbal Essences Spray Gel, $2.99 each, 2: $1/1 coupons: Free after $2 RR
  • 2 Gilette Fusion Gamer Razors, $8.99 each, 2: $4/1 P&G coupon 9/27: Moneymaker after $6 RR
  • 1 Venus Spa Breeze razor, $7.99 each, $2/1 coupon, $1.99 after $4 RR
  • 2 Robitussin DM 2 ct, $2.49 each, FREE after $2.49 RR
  • Emergen-C 2ct, $3.49 each, FREE after $3.49 RR
  • 4 Blue Diamond almonds BOGO, $1.75 each (needed fillers and while there are cheaper ones, hubby LOVES these things, so I didn’t use any coupons for these in order to use RR’s)
  • 2 Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99 each, FREE after $2.99 RR
  • 1 Oral B Advantage toothbrush 3.00, FREE after $3 RR
  • 2 Vaseline Sheer Effects $6.99 each, (tried to use $1.50 coupon but they wouldn’t scan so cashier refused to accept it) so FREE after $6.99 RR
  • 4 fillers .25 each.

HOWEVER…my friend Heather rocked Walgreens this weekend and I’m going to ask her to do a guest post with her deals and I’ll post that. She did WAY better than me. More from her to follow….


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Moneymaker Glade Sense and Spray at Fred Meyer

See full size image
UPDATE!! I did this deal over the weekend and it worked perfectly. I got 4 Glade Sense and Spray’s $.87 each after the coupons including taxes and I got back a $2 catalina for each one. SCORE!!
Woah…Make some money at Fred Meyers why don’t ya???
Thrifty Northwest Mom gives us this kickin’ scenario on Glade Sense and Sprays:
Buy 1 Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Starter Kit – on sale for $7.49
Use $4/1 Glade Sense & Spray Printable Coupon HERE
Use $3/1 Glade Sense & Spray Fred Meyer coupon (from coupon book)

Total = $.49 + tax

THEN, if that isn’t a sweet enough deal…You get a catalina for $2 off your next order. Holy Sense and Sprays Batman!! Moneymaker of a buck and a half!!

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Uncrustables Freebie…Mark your calendar NOW!

Yummers! On Monday the 28th, Smucker’s will give away 20, 000 coupons for a FREE 4-pack of Uncrustables sandwiches. Share a time-saving after school organizational tip at their website HERE. This isn’t happening until Monday but it sounded like such a great freebie, I thought I’d pass along the deal to y’all. I’ll post it again on Monday but it’ll probably go super fast!

Thanks Money Saving Madness!

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Cheerios Coupon $1/1

Love those Cheerios! $1/1 off coupon ANY box of original Cheerios. These go on sale all the time. Hang onto it for a good sale!

Thanks Abundant Food Savings!

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We’re on Cha Ching on a Shoestring!

Cha-Ching challenge

Thank you Cha Ching on a ShoeString for featuring me today on your blog!! To all my readers who haven’t seen Ms Kaley, go check her out too, she’s got the most amazing deals!

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$1/1 Musselman’s Totally Fruit Coupon


This is a good coupon on a good-for-you and your kids snack.

Save $1.00 off one NEW Musselman’s Totally Fruit® or Healthy Picks® Apple sauce 4 pk/ 4oz.

I’ll have to check and see what the price is on this item since it’s new out there. Money Saving Mom  (thanks!) says she’s seen them for $1.50 but I’m not sure where and I think she’s out of my region. If you’re local and you know a price, post a comment and let us know!

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1/2 Price Gift Certificates – Portland area 104.1 The Fish


This is a cool deal..I was listening to The Fish 104.1 Christian radio station this morning and heard something about 1/2 price gift certificates. There’s not much on there right now that I’d take advantage of but you might be, and they change their deals all the time. Check it out! 1041TheFish.

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